DAVA & BitKeep AMA Recap

6 min readAug 30, 2022

DAVA & BitKeep AMA was held on Telegram on August 30th. We released a lot of DAVA Eternal and Goldan Inc game details during the session. Thus, we felt it would be nice to share the details with our community as well. Tune in to learn more about the closed beta test and what we are trying to build.

Nice to meet you

Hey, this is Blocksage from DAVA. I am glad to be here.

Please introduce yourself first

I am Blocksage from DAVA. I am in charge of outbound. This includes sales, marketing, and business development. Oh, and I also do contract development, cause my original career used to be in software engineering.

My Twitter link is the following: https://twitter.com/blocksage_eth. Feel free to hit me up.

Many people here still do not know much about DAVA, so please briefly introduce DAVA

DAVA is an on-chain, customizable NFT that allows you to decorate your avatar, unlike other NFTs, freely. This is the world’s first project with a wearable system, fully on-chain, that can be used interoperably in future on-chain games, metaverse, etc.

We did our 10K minting last November, and now we are developing the game layer on top of this system. Please visit our DAPP to check out for more details!

Our devs worked hard on it! https://0xdava.davaproject.com/

Can you elaborate a bit on what the DAVA wearable system is?

The wearable system is a system that allows you to express your identity through NFT freely. You can put on and take off wearables of various rarities and scores, just like how you dress items or clothes for your game characters.

We have partnered with various projects, such as The Sandbox and League of Kingdoms, to launch collaboration wearables. All these wearables are like game items; they all have stats and skills to be used in our game.

some examples for you all to visualize easily.

We still haven’t revealed what stats or skills each wearable will have. This will happen before Sept 22nd, at our incentified closed beta test.

What motivated the project to migrate from Ethereum to Polygon?

Putting wearables on DAVA humanoid was a process that had to be done on-chain. Users had to pay a considerable amount of Ethereum gas fees back when we launched our project.

So, users could not freely dress wearables as much as they wanted, and our move to L2 was inevitable. Among various options to choose from, we decided on Polygon. They had a strong marketing team and tech team to support us.

You said the game CBT would be released at the end of September. What kind of game is it?

Our game is a deck-building rogue-like space exploration game. You go on an adventure using your deck, strategically battle and loot along the way, and come back.

We have gone through a lot of research to solve the unsustainable P2E game structure, and we are proposing and making a model that separates Play and Earns to solve this problem.

How can you separate Play and Earn from a blockchain game?

First of all, the core intrinsic entertainment value of a game is ‘fun.’ However, P2E games tend to significantly harm this ‘fun’ due to the earning mechanism harming replayability.

When the ‘earning feature’ harms replayability, the intrinsic value of a game drops, which causes the price of the assets to fall significantly. This is a horrible cycle that is commonly observed in various P2E games.

Because of this conflict of interest, we have separated game players who seek ‘fun’ and NFT investors who seek ‘earn.’ To explain it in detail, we are one game, but we have two games: A fun-first adventure game and an earn-first management game.

If you want EARN, build hunters or characters

If you want to earn, dress your DAVA that can appeal to gamers or power monsters to fight against DAVA. We call these monsters, Hunters. The more powerful being you create, the more you will earn.

If you want FUN, be ready to roll out!

If you want fun, go to our DAVA Eternal website or download the game app and head on to your space adventure. No need to connect your wallet or have any NFTs to play.

That is interesting. May you provide us with a more detailed explanation?

Okay, so let me go through a typical user journey. First, you choose five DAVA in the gameplay and go on an adventure.

Choose five DAVA out of 10,000 selections of DAVA to build your deck!

DAVA NFT holders work hard to get chosen by the players. DAVA holders have to approach strategically to equip their DAVA with optimal stats and skills. The more they are selected, the more they earn.

When the chosen DAVA returns home safely after a successful adventure, DAVA holders and the DAVA Eternal player will receive corresponding rewards.

Or you can choose to play from Hunter’s (monster’s) perspective, to fight against DAVA to earn rewards.

You form your troops to defeat DAVA and manage their skills and stats to battle against DAVA. You can use any of your NFTs to build monsters in the game. Of course, you can always retrieve your NFT at any time!

We support Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn. Any of your NFTs apply to becoming hunters of DAVA.

What is your hunter’s rarity?

Successfully stop DAVA, and the game system will reward you!

Interesting. When does the game open?

The closed beta will be held for one week from September 22nd. If you pre-register, you can get rewards. (It’s an incentified closed beta test!)

The pre-registration link is at https://eternal.davaproject.com/#EarlyAccess

We have a high level of understanding of both blockchain technology and game building. We are also one of the incubated projects of Hashed Studio, the biggest web3 incubator in Korea.

Our mission is to create a fully decentralized and sustainable project with our game, and this is an awesome goal to reach for. We need all of your support to reach there.

We deserve better games, and we will make it.

If you enjoyed this post, please check out our white paper!

Website: https://www.davaproject.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/davaprojectNFT
White Paper: https://davaproject.gitbook.io/dava-whitepaper-v0.1/




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